The tiger snake is a highly venomous snake species found in Australia. Although very diverse in color, this poisonous is often marked like a tiger. However, some species do not have any markings at all. Never the less, our friend is extremely dangerous no matter how it looks!

tiger snake

Where can we find the tiger snake?

Found in the southern regions of Australia, this snake’s range includes coastal islands along with Tasmania. Heck, it even lives in Victoria and New South Wales. Moreover, living in a range of habitats our poisonous occurs near creeks, rivers, or swamps. Yet, it can also be seen in woodlands, forests, shrublands, grasslands, and marshlands.

tiger snake

How does the tiger snake look?

Although varying in color, this snake mostly ranges from grey-brown to black. However, the patterning is darker bands, strongly contrasting or indistinct, which are pale to very dark in color. On the contrary, the underbelly is lighter, rather light yellow, or orange. Finally, as a thick-body snake, it will grow to 4 feet.

Diet and behavior.

Mostly active during the day, the tiger snake will climb trees and bushes. Moreover, it also thrives greatly in the water. Yet, when it comes to feeding, this predator is ruthless. Injecting the powerful venom, the victim is immobilized and paralyzed. Finally, our carnivore mainly feeds on frogs, but also consume other reptiles, fish, birds, and small mammals.


Tiger snakes usually breed in spring, when males will fight each other for their mating rights. Therefore, after a gestation of 112 days, the mother gives birth to 20 to 30 young. However, there was an exceptional record of even 64 babies from one eastern female. As in the case of the inland taipan, but most snakes in general, the newborn is immediately independent when born, not needing any care from its mother.

Did you know the tiger snake is exceeded only by the eastern brown snake by the number of caused deaths by snakebites in Australia?

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