Genet is a cat-like carnivore found in Africa. Yet, this mammal is the only genet present in Europe and occurs in the Iberian Peninsula and France. Also the member of the civet family, this carnivore is relatively shy and mysterious.


Where does the genet live?

In Africa, this predator is found in wooded habitats north of the Sahara, in savanna zones south of the Sahara to Southern Africa and along the coast of Arabia, Yemen and Oman. The genet prefers dry areas like woodland and rocky hills. Here, crevices in the trees and rocks provide food, shelter, and security from predators.


Size and appearance.

This cat-like animal has a long body, with a long ringed tail. Moreover, ears are large as well, while the muzzle is pointed. The fur is spotted, although melanistic genets have been recorded. Along with that, all genets have a dark stripe along the spine. The length varies from 16,1 to 23,6 inches, while weighs between 3 to 4,6 pounds.


Genet, as an omnivore, eats mice, rats, insects, birds, and small reptiles. Yet, it will also eat plants and fruit. Yet, other species may feed on fish, grasshoppers, arthropods, and insects. Since they are highly agile, they don’t have a problem hunting successfully. Along with impressive climbing skills, they are also able to stand on their hind legs.


The breeding season varies depending on the location. Females become sexually mature at the age of two years. The gestation period lasts for 10 to 11 weeks, after which mother gives birth to one to five young. After enough care and help, the kittens are ready to hunt by themselves at five months.

Did you know that was recorded one male genet which lived almost 23 years in captivity?

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