The spectral tarsier is a small and very cute primate found in Indonesia. Easily recognized by its round head, huge eyes, and bat-like ears, this primate is even able to turn its head 180 degrees in each direction! But, did you know our friend has the largest eyes of any mammal in relation to its body size? No wonder, since each eyeball is 16 mm in diameter!

spectral tarsier

Where can we find the spectral tarsier?

Native to Indonesia, this tarsier is located on the island of Selayar. Although restricted to only one island, our friend is everywhere! In fact, its altitudes range from sea level to over 6,500 feet! Therefore, our friend inhabits tropical moist lowlands, submontane regions, and mossy cloud forests.

spectral tarsier

How does the spectral tarsier look?

Having an extremely soft fur, this cutie is just made for cuddling! Moreover, it ranges from gray to buff-gray in color. The long tail has tufts close to the end of it. In addition, long, slender hands and feet serve great when it comes to feeding and holding onto branches. Along with huge eyes, this primate has thin and membranous ears that can move independently. Finally, an adult can grow between 3,7 and 5,5 inches and weigh around 4,6 oz.


Just like its close relative, the Philippine tarsier, our friend although cute, is a carnivore. Therefore, it will mainly feed on moths, locusts, beetles, and cicadas. However, occasionally it consumes small vertebrates, such as lizards or bats as well. Finally, since spending its most time in the trees, this primate mainly collects insects either from the ground or from trees.


Not ordinary for primates, but spectral tarsiers are monogamous, having only one partner. However, some of them may be polygynous as well, where male mates with multiple females. Never the less, after a gestation of 6 months, the mother gives birth to a single infant. The baby is born fully furred and with opened eyes. Still, the mother will nurse it for 80 days and carry it in her mouth during the first 3 weeks. Finally, after weaning the young is ready to hunt and live independently.

Did you know the spectral tarsier’s fingers are tipped with sticky pads? That’s why this cutie is great at climbing!

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