The panther chameleon is a species of chameleon found only in Madagascar. Being one of the most colorful species, this reptile is a very popular exotic pet. In the wild, on the other hand, our friend is special due to its prehensile tail. Heck, it can even spot a small insect 30 feet away!

panther chameleon

Where can we find the panther chameleon?

Native only to Madagascar, our chameleon has very restricted range habitats. Therefore, it occurs only in the eastern and northern parts of the island. More precisely, it is located on the northern tip, and along the northeast coast. Yet, when it comes to the perfect habitat, this reptile feels the best in the coastal rainforest. Finally, as arboreal, our friend spends most of its time in the trees.

panther chameleon

How does the panther chameleon look?

Being one of the most colorful chameleons, quite outstanding! Of course, the color has a major variation depending on the location. Thus, it varies from blue, orange, all the way to red and green. However, within the base coloration, it also has a wide variety of spots, striping, and patterns. Finally, our lizard can be quite long, so it can reach up to 8 inches in length.

Diet and hunting.

As a carnivore and arboreal, our chameleon spends its days foraging in the trees, searching for insects. However, it is also armed with two powerful tools: precise eyesight and a very long tongue! Therefore, when our friend spots its victim from a very long distance, it will project its 26 times longer than its tongue and hit the prey in about 0,0030 seconds! Yet, it will also consume small birds and other reptiles as well.


These polygynous reptiles mostly mate from January to May. When carrying eggs, the female will turn dark brown or black with orange striping to signify to males she has no intention of mating. Sadly, females live only 2 to 3 years after laying eggs because of the stress put on their bodies. However, the mother lays between 10 and 40 eggs per clutch in excavated burrows. Finally, after incubation of 240 days, the babies are born immediately fully independent.

Did you know male panther chameleons inflate their bodies when confronting to show their dominance?

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