The bamboo pit viper is a venomous pit viper species found in India. Although slow, this snake can be very dangerous when threatened. Therefore, if attacked, our poisonous will bite and strike very fast! In fact, it will even vibrate its tail when it feels danger, just like the rattlesnake.

bamboo pit viper

Where can we find the bamboo pit viper?

Native to India, this snake is restricted to its southern parts, especially widespread in a large area of Tamil Nadu. However, it can also be seen in mountain ranges of Western Ghats, and in the eastern region of India. And, when it comes to the perfect habitat, our friend lives in bamboo groves and forests. On the other hand, it can also thrive in dry scrub forest.

bamboo pit viper

How does the bamboo pit viper look?

Due to the name, this snake is usually bright green. Although rare, it can be yellowish, greyish, or purplish-brown in color, with or without black, brown, or reddish spots. Moreover, a light, white, yellow, or red streak can appear along the outer row of scales. The tail is yellow or red in the end. Finally, the lower parts of the body are green, yellow, or whitish in color. An adult grows up to 3,25 feet.


As mentioned in the beginning, this snake although moves slow, it strikes fast! Of course, this means our viper is an ambush predator. And, when the right moment comes, it will bite readily with its large fangs, leaving the victim no choice but to surrender. Therefore, our friend will feed on small rodents, birds, frogs, and lizards.


Like most snakes, these vipers are solitary, coming together only to mate. However, males will compete and fight for a right to mate with a female. Moreover, being ovoviviparous, the eggs incubate inside the mother after which she gives birth to live babies. 6 to 11 young are born, measuring about 4,5 inches in length. Finally, baby snakes are born fully developed and ready to take care of themselves immediately.

Did you know the bamboo pit viper can grow another fang if it looses one?

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