Who doesn’t like sloths? You just have to smile when you see a picture or video of this extremely slow, cute and lazy animal. These guys are true champions in sleeping, this activity takes them up to 20 hours a day! Good thing they don’t have any obligations, right?

hanging out

Where do sloths live?

Our lazy friends live in Central and South America, hanging from trees in tropical forests. You might get confused by their looks and think they are related to monkeys, but actually sloths are close to armadillos and anteaters! They can be 2 to 2.5 feet long, and, depending of species, weigh from 8 to 17 pounds.

sloths diet

Two or three toes?

There are two types of sloths: two-toed and three-toed. Still, this can also be unclear because both types have three claws, or “toes”, on their hind limbs. In reality, the “two-toed” sloth should really be called the “two-fingered” sloth as the difference between them both can be found on their front limbs. This guy is also a little bigger and spend more time hanging upside-down than their three-toed cousins, who will often sit upright in the fork of a tree branch. 

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So, so lazy…

Sloths spend almost 90% of their life hanging upside down. Their unique body allows them to live that way because their organs are attached to their rib cage, which means they don’t weigh down on the lungs. And, what about their food? Well, they eat buds, leaves and tender shoots, although some sloths, have been known to eat insects and even birds, just like tarantulas! Sadly, since they are so slow and lazy, they go to the bathroom only once a week! They suffer from extremely slow metabolism.

Sloth’s superpower.

Yes, they have another one, and that is an extra vertebrae at the base of their neck that allows them to turn their head almost 360 degrees! Although they are the slowest mammals on Earth, travelling not faster than 125 feet a single day (30 cm per minute), sloths are three times faster when they swim, and can hold breath for impressive 40 minutes!

mommy and baby

While these cute and lazy animals don’t have an extremely interesting life, they do have a face structure that gives the appearance of constantly smiling, no matter how our friend feels! Sloths really always look on the bright side of life, and so should we.

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