Serval is a wild savanna cat native to Africa. This cat much resembles cheetah, but it’s smaller, with distinguished large and rounded ears. So, if you go on a safari, you can seek for this beauty near the water.


How does a serval look?

Serval is a slender spotted cat with small head, large ears, yellow coat with black spots and stripes, and a short tail. Moreover, our beautiful friend has the most longest legs of any cat relative to its body size! So, this beauty stands from 21 to 24 inches at the shoulders and weighs between 18 to 40 pounds.


Where can we find a serval?

This cat is native to more than 35 countries of Africa. Although you have to be pretty lucky to see it on safari, the best place to see it is in the Serengeti, especially in the first half hour after sunrise and just before sunset. It inhabits grasslands, moorlands and bamboo thickets at elevations up to 12,500 ft on Kilimanjaro! Yet, serval’s favorite habitat’s are areas close to waters such as wetlands and savanna.


Diet and hunting.

This carnivore feeds on rodents, small birds, frogs, insects and reptiles. But, if you see it feeding on grass, don’t be surprised, that works just fine for our friend’s digestion. Moreover, our opportunist will also prey on larger animals, such as antelopes and flamingos. The prey is located by serval’s strong sense of hearing, which leads to deadly hit on the victim’s chest.


Both male and female reach their sexual maturity around two years. After 70 days mother gives birth to two to four kits. If you thought it’s difficult to spot a serval, try to find the babies! Mommy is very clever and protective, hiding her kits and replacing them frequently from one place to another. Along with that, the mother also has to hunt frequently to feed hungry babies. Yet, when the time comes, they go on their separate ways.

Did you know the serval’s worst enemies are hyenas and leopards?

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