One of the most cutest animals on Earth, the Senegal bush baby, also called galagos, are small, saucer-eyed primates that, like sloths, spend most of their lives in trees. Senegal bush babies are also known as nagapies, which means “night monkeys” in Afrikaans.

senegal bush baby

Where do Senegal bush baby live?

This adorable creature lives in Africa, south from the Sahara, from Senegal in the west, through the savanna and open woodland of Africa, to Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia in the East and Kenya and Tanzania in the South. They also inhabit some nearby islands. Senegal bush baby prefers areas of dry forest and bush, and savanna regions.

senegal bush baby

Active lifestyle.

Senegal bush baby is a very active animal. During the day she sleeps, but when the night comes, she becomes a true little ninja jumping from 3 to 5 meters on the go! Since she is climbing and jumping from tree to tree, bush baby moistens her feet and hands with urine, which allows her to hold onto branches and function as scent marking as well. Like wolves , they also communicate through high-pitched, chirping call, which is very important for them.

senegal bush baby

What do they eat?

These little ninjas are omnivores, they mostly eat grasshoppers, but also small birds, eggs, seeds, fruits, and flowers.

Mating habits.

Senegal bush babies are usually polygamous. A male will compete for several females. They breed twice a year, and the female builds a nest out of leaves while she’s expecting two or three babies. Little bush babies will cling to their mother and go with her everywhere. The eyes of Senegal bush babies are very sensitive, and during the day, their pupils are reduced to a tiny slit. During the night, their pupils become complete circles to enable them to see better in the dark.


Senegal bush baby’s superpowers.

Along with their big eyes, which help them see in low light, bush babies are adapted to nocturnal living with their large, collapsible ears that rotate independently like radar dishes to zero in on prey in the dark. The animals are ace jumpers, using powerful legs and extremely long tails to spring great distances. This allows the primates to move quickly through the forest canopy or snatch flying insects out of the air.

The life of these incredible creatures is both calm and peaceful during the day, as they spend time together, but also dynamic at night, when they split up and hunt. They sure have fun all the time, don’t you think?

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