Rattlesnake is a large venomous snake characterized by segmented rattle at the tip of the tail. We all know that recognizable, buzzing sound when vibrated, right? Moreover, dark diamonds, hexagons or rhombuses are one more distinct feature of this amazing animal.


Where can we find a rattlesnake?

This snake is capable of adapting in a variety of environments. Therefore, it can be found from Southern Canada to Central Argentina. Moreover, Arizona is the home of 13 species of this snake. Most of them live in open, rocky areas. However, they can also be found in prairies, marshes, deserts, and forests. Although these snakes prefer higher temperatures, they can even survive temperatures below freezing.



Like the black mamba, rattlesnake is also very shy, avoiding confronting if possible. However, it is venomous and if you threaten her, she will attack. The bite of this snake is very painful and requires medical treatment. But, it can happen so called “dry bite”, which means that snake haven’t injected the venom.

Diet and hunting.

Our venomous snake usually hunts at night, while resting during the day. The diet includes small rodents and lizards. When hunting, the snake will lie down and wait for its prey. And, when the moment comes, she strike at speeds of five-tenths of a second! Poor animal can’t even realize what happened, the game is already over. After the venom does the job, the snake swallows the whole prey.

The rattle.

This incredible extension serves as a warning for predators. The rattle is composed of a series of hollow segments made of keratin, which are created by modifying the scales that cover the tip of the tail. The contraction of special “shaker” muscles in the tail causes these segments to vibrate against one another, making the rattling noise.

Did you know the muscles that cause the rattle to shake are some of the fastest known in animal kingdom? They fir 50 times per second, and can last up to three hours!

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