Raccoon is one of the most cutest animals in the world, don’t you agree? Although you can have a problem with this adorable creature, when you see those beautiful eyes edged with that famous black color, you can’t stay mad!


How did a raccoon got its name?

The answer is: by its highly skillful hands. In fact, raccoon is so handy, that wears the pride title of one of the most dexterous hands in nature. As well as opossums, anyone who found something broken in the garbage or garden knows this.


Size and appearance.

This mammal is not so small, weighing up to 57 pounds and can grow to 28 inches. The gray fur mostly consists of dense underfur which insulates it against cold weather. As far as distinctive features concerned, our adorable friend has very skillful hands, the famous facial mask and the ringed tail. Did you know the mask helps the raccoon see even better? The dark color around the eyes absorbs the incoming light!

Where can we find a raccoon?

This animal is spread across the Americas, but can also be found in Japan and Europe. Moreover, the raccoon is extremely adaptable to a variety of habitats. Thus it can even survive in rural and urban environments. Since its known this animal is very intelligent, studies showed that city raccoons are smarter than their cousins in the villages.

What does a raccoon eat?

This nocturnal animal eats a variety of foods. The raccoon in wild eats birds, insects, fruits, nuts and seeds, while the urban one likes to scavenge for garbage and pet food. Naturally, because of steeling, humans consider this cutie as a pest.


The female gives birth to two to five young after a gestation period of around 65 days. Mommy raises the young by herself, since the male has no part in parenting. When born, the kits are both blind and deaf, but the mask is visible immediately. Both ears and eyes open after about 20 days. When they reach 16 weeks, they are ready to explore the world.

Did you know that a raccoon can memorize and remember things up to three years?

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