Macaws are probably the most recognizable birds in the parrot family. When it comes to them, we all think of beautiful colors and a lot of entertainment. Or carnival, perhaps? Never the less, these birds sure are characters, and each having different personalities. Did you know some of them have so strong beaks that can even crack a coconut shell? What a strength!


Macaws are the largest parrots.

Not only they are unique by their character, they are also the largest of all parrots. Since there are about 370 different types, that’s a pretty good title, right? Unlike the kiwis, they normally weigh between 2 and 4 pounds, which is pretty heavy for a bird. The king among them, the hyacinth macaw can reach length of 3,5 feet from beak to tail! As far as the wingspan concerned, it can reach to impressive 60 inches.


Very long lifespan.

If you want a macaw for a pet, make sure you have an alternative, because this bird can easily outlive its owner! Naturally, if you take proper care of your loving pet, it will make you happy for more than 60 years! Moreover, there are many recordings of these birds living even more than 80 years!


Macaws will eat a variety of foods, including seeds, nuts, fruits, palm fruits, leaves, flowers, and stems. Some foods eaten by them was known to contain toxic substances, but don’t worry, these magnificent birds can digest it. Also, they have an interesting solution for that: they eat clay! They’ve been seen exposed to the river banks consuming clay almost on daily basis.

Although these birds are extraordinary, people who want them for pets should be experienced in keeping large parrots. Since they are very social, be prepared to give them a lot of attention. You’ve read on the beginning what can they do with a coconut shell. If neglected, imagine what can they do to your belongings!

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