Who among us doesn’t melt when sees lemurs? They are adorable, charming, and a little like us, don’t you think? And that’s not a coincidence! Since lemurs are primates just like us, although not as related as chimpanzees, we are still a family, right?


Who are lemurs?

These cute primates are mammals divided into eight families which consists around 100 species. Yet, their name doesn’t apply only on themselves, but also on cuties such as lorries and bush babies. Sadly, this particular specie is the most endangered specie in the world, since about 94% of them have a threatened status.


Size and appearance.

Most of these sweeties have large eyes, fox-like faces, monkey bodies, and long hind limbs. Did you know these beautiful animals are the only non-human primates with blue eyes? This color is extremely rare among primates, which make the Sclater’s lemurs very unique! So, lemurs can grow from 3,5 to 28 inches and weigh from only 1,1 oz to 20 pounds.

Where do lemurs live?

Like chameleons and mongooses, lemurs also inhabit breathtaking Madagascar. But, these animals are unique by their adaptation to the local climate. Different types of them evolved and developed interesting combinations on how to deal with Madagascar’s harsh, seasonal climate. Some of them include seasonal fat storage, small group sizes, activity both day and night, and so on. Very intelligent and adaptable little things, right?

Social behavior.

Like their other relatives, lemurs are very social and live in groups of about 15 individuals. But, here we have something very interesting: females rule in this society! Yes, although rare among primates, here, the ladies are in charge. Heck, it’s not surprising for females to bite their mates, snatch a piece of fruit from their hands, or even whack them in the head or shove them out of prime sleeping spots! If you are not enough shocked, wait till you hear this! Ladies mark the territory as much as males do! And, last, but not least, the tough girls, eat first, and what’s left goes to poor males. Sassy, indeed!

So, our cute friends spend most of their time in the trees eating fruit, leaves, insects, and small birds, while the females make order and whack their mates. They sure have fun all the time!

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