Kodkod is a small wild cat native to the Americas. Heck, it is the world’s smallest cat! Similar to the sand cat, yet smaller, our beauty has small black spots over the whole body. Yet, its large feet give the ability to climb trees.


Where can we find the kodkod?

Native to the Americas, this small cat is found only in Argentina and Chile. More precisely, in a small part of the eastern slopes of the Argentinean Andes and in Chile’s central and southern regions. It prefers temperate moist forests, evergreen temperate rainforests, coniferous forests, and sclerophyllous scrub.


How does a kodkod look?

Even smaller than a domestic cat, our beauty’s color varies from brownish-yellow to grey-brown. The beautiful dark spots, which sometimes create broken streaks on its head and neck make this hunter irresistible. The small head has low-set ears, black at the rear, with a central white spot. Like the genet, which can also be melanistic, our kodkod can also have a black coat, as well. The length of this cat varies from 15 to 20 inches, while weighs between 4,4 and 5,5 pounds.


Naturally, this cat is a carnivore. Equally active during the day and night, our beauty will hunt small rodents, reptiles, large insects, birds, and domestic animals. Moreover, this cat is an excellent climber, able to climb more than three feet in diameter!


These cats are polygynous. But, males have a quite interesting feature: they will travel widely searching for multiple mates! So, when both males and females reach their sexual maturity which is about two years old, the breeding can start. After a gestation of 72 to 78 days, one to four kittens are born. The mother takes care of them by herself, teaching them to hunt before they become independent.

Did you know the kodkod’s name came from the Araucanian Indians?

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