Jungle cat got its name from the Caucasus Mountains. This was the first place where this carnivore has been discovered. Although, in Asia, as well as Africa, this cat is frequently called “reed” or “swamp” cat. Can you guess why? Well, this beauty prefers wet habitats.

jungle cat

Where can we find the jungle cat?

This cat is predominant in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. But, it is also found in Egypt, through Southwest, Southeast, and Central Asia, extending its range as far as the south of China. As we mentioned in the beginning, the jungle cat prefers wet habitats. So, if you found yourself in swamps and wetlands, or on flood plains, you will most likely meet this beauty!

jungle cat

Size and appearance.

The unique sandy, reddish-brown, or grey fur without spots makes this carnival easy to recognize. Yet, like the genets, melanistic, and even albino individuals have been reported. So, this medium-sized cat with a long tail is the largest of the extant Felis species. The face is long and narrow, with a white muzzle. As far as the size concerned, the length varies from 23 to 30 inches, while the weight is between 4,4 to 35,3 pounds.

What does the jungle cat eat?

Unlike many other cats, this one is not nocturnal, yet hunts in the early mornings and late afternoons. Considering the fact of pure hedonism, our carnivore loves to rest during the day in dense cover. What a life, right? So, our beauty feeds on small mammals, such as hares and rodents. But, this opportunist may also hunt even small gazelles. Moreover, our excellent swimmer will hunt fish, as well.


Both sexes become sexually mature by the time they are one year old. They will use intensive mew calls to attract each other. The mating season is between January and March, although it depends on the location. Just like the red panda, our female will prepare a den for the upcoming babies. After 63 to 66 days, the mother gives birth to one to three kittens. And then, after 8 or 9 months, the kittens are ready to take care of themselves.

Did you know jungle cats are very important to humans because they eat mainly rodents, controlling pest populations?

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