Jaguarundi is a small, wild cat with elongated body and short legs. The color of this cat is similar to its closest relative, the cougar, which is much bigger. Although jaguarundi is twice as large than a domestic cat, its frequently misjudged with otters and weasels because of its odd appearance.


Where can we find the jaguarundi?

This cat can be found from Southern Texas and coastal Mexico in the north, through Central and South America, and as far south as Argentina. Its favorite habitat is close to a source of running water, along with dry forest. While our friend prefers to be near the ground, some of the species have been spotted at the elevations of even 10,500 feet!


Size and appearance.

Similar to civets, jaguarundi also has a long body with short legs. Ears are short and rounded, while the coat is without spots. The colors vary from black or brown, to foxy red and chestnut. As far as size concerned, this cat varies from 21 to 30 inches in length, while weighs between 7,7 to 20,1 pounds.

Diet and hunting.

Although our friend loves to spend its time in trees, yet it prefers to hunt on the ground. The small-sized prey will weigh less than 2,2 pounds. This covers birds, reptiles, rodents and small mammals. Yet, this mammal have been seen killing larger prey, such as fish, rabbits and opossums.


These cats breed during the whole year. When the times come, the female will lay down on her back and spray urine, giving the signal she’s ready for mating. The male occurs, and even bites the fur on the female’s neck. After 70 to 75 days, the mother gives birth to one to four kittens, which are ready to eat solid food after six weeks.

Did you know the jaguarundi produces at least 13 distinct calls? Purring, whistling, screaming, you name it!

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