Inland taipan, also known as the western taipan, the small-scaled or the fierce snake, is an extremely venomous snake found in Australia. Although first described in 1879, this poisonous remains a mystery for the scientists up until its rediscovery, in 1972. No further specimens were found. But, did you know the venom of inland taipan is by far the most toxic of any snake?

inland taipan

Where can we find the inland taipan?

Found in Australia, our snake occurs in the semi-arid regions. Thus, in Queensland, it has been observed in several National parks. On the other hand, in South Australia, the snake lives in a variety of deserts and lakes. Finally, the best habitats for our friend are the black soil plains or floodplains, gibber plains, dunes, and rocky outcrops if the cover is available.

inland taipan

How does the inland taipan look?

Depending on the season, the taipan range from dark hue to a brownish light-green in its dark tan. Moreover, the back, sides, and tail may be different shades of brown and grey, having many scales. Although dark, the snake has an even darker round-snouted head and neck. Finally, the taipan has 23 rows of dorsal scales at midbody, between 55 and 70 subcaudal scales, and one anal scale. An average length is 6 feet.

Diet and hunting.

When it comes to hunting, this predator is ruthless, feeding mostly on rodents. Unlike the black mamba and king cobra, which strike with a single bite, the inland taipan is much more persistent. Thus, it will attack the prey with a series of rapid, accurate strikes. In fact, it is known to deliver up to 8 venomous bites in a single attack! Finally, holding the prey and biting it repeatedly, the snake will inject extremely toxic venom deep into the victim.


The reproduction rate of these snakes depends on their diet. Thus, if there is no enough food, the snakes will reproduce less. Yet, when they do, females will lay between 12 and 24 eggs in abandoned animal burrows. After incubation of 2 months, the eggs hatch, and the baby snakes are immediately independent.

Did you know the inland taipan’s single bite possesses enough lethality to kill at least 100 fully grown men? That’s really a lot of venom in such a small snake, don’t you agree?

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