Chameleons are quite something! Imagine this: our beautiful guy sits on the tree, thinking of what he could grab for a quick snack. Suddenly, he notices a poor fly wandering around him. And then it happens: his huge, sticky two-foot-long tongue snaps out at 13 miles per hour catching and getting back to his mouth with a juicy fly! Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

Chameleons-who are they?

These reptiles live in rainy forests and deserts of Africa. Of course, we all know what is their main characteristic: their adaptable skin which allows them to blend in wherever they are. So, if you could spot a chameleon in a forest, he will be green, while fellas in deserts become brown. But, they also change color depending on their temperature. Chameleons even switch shades, that’s how they communicate, and express their current mood.


How do they change the color?

Well, chameleon’s outer layer skin is transparent. Bellow that are layers of special cells filled with pigment-the substance that gives plants and animals (including you) color.  As this happens, pigments from different cells are released, and they mix with each other to create new skin tones.

Eyes that see everything.

All chameleons have a premium pair of eyes. Their peepers can move in two different directions at once, giving them a panoramic view of their surroundings. Be sure that chameleons don’t miss anything around them. His tail is also special, it allows him to wrap around the tree branches while climbing. Because of this, chameleon’s tail can’t be broken, or fell off.

amazing chameleon

What do these fascinating creatures eat?

Because of their remarkable and fast tongue, chameleons can easily provide themselves a fast food meal and, like sloths, don’t have the habit to move fast. They eat insects such as locusts, grasshoppers, stick insects, and crickets. Some larger species also eat small birds and other lizards. A few of them have been known to eat a bit of plant material. 


These fellas don’t have ear openings but they are not deaf. Species of chameleon can variate from only 15 millimetres up to 69 centimetres. Be that as it may, these remarkable animals always show their current mood and you will always know what are they up to! That makes life so much easier, doesn’t it?

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