Caracal is a small wild cat withstand straight-up ears and really sensitive hearing.

An adult caracal can weight from 24 lbs – 40 lbs.

Their hind legs are 30% longer than their front legs. They have 2 times more muscle mass, which allows them an extremely large bounce that can be greater than 3 m and that helps her run up to 50 mph.

They are also known as a gazelle cat.

Caracal has great hunting skills. They are able to leap into the air to catch a bird as it’s taking off. Sometimes crashes up to 10-15 birds in one time.

A caracal has 20 muscles in each of its ears helping it to track down prey.


Caracals live in the drier savannah and woodland regions of sub-Saharan Africa, and prefer the more scrubby, arid habitats. They can also inhabit evergreen and mountain forests but are not found in tropical rain forests.

These cats are mostly nocturnal but have been spotted in daylight in protected areas.


Yes, I know they are cute and adorable but caracals are not good to keep as pets for many reasons.

  • Although a caracal is a small cat compared to a lion or tiger, it is still a wild animal which means it’s dangerous to keep around humans.
  • Caracals have that in their blood. They hunt prey, eat meat, wander around and climb trees. That means this animal would not be happy to live the life of a housecat.
  • Another problem is, if a family has a dog, a domestic cat or another animal in the household, that pet would be at the risk of being attacked by the caracal. Remember, caracals are very protective of their territory.

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