Camels are well-known mammals which carries fatty deposits aka “humps” on their backs. One hump or two? The answer is simple: the dromedary camel has one hump, and the Bactrian has two.


Camels are the ships of the desert.

They were domesticated more than 3000 years ago, and to this day, people use them to transport across difficult environments. They can easily carry an extra 200 pounds while walking 20 miles a day in the desert. Interesting fact is that camels can travel as fast as horses, but can also handle huge periods of time without food or water.

Camels store fat in their humps which is a source of energy for them. The length of time a camel can survive on this stored energy depends on climate and the animal’s activity level. That been said, the size of the hump can variate.

These giants can go over a week without water, and even several months without food. She can survive a 40 percent weight loss and then drink up to 32 gallons of water in one drinking session!

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Do camels really spit?

The answer is yes, they definitely do! And yes, it is highly unpleasant. Moreover, they actually throw up, because they bring the contents of their stomach, along with saliva, and project it out. You might think, why would this loving animal do such a thing, and the answer is simple: it’s their defense system. If the camel feels threatened, she will spit you!

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Camels live in extreme terms.

Bactrian camels live in Gobi Desert in China, and the Bactrian steppes of Magnolia. Because of this, they are armed with a shaggy coat in the winter for protection from the freezing cold and then shed coat during the hot summer. As you see, they are extremely adaptable, surviving the wide range of temperatures , form minus 29 degrees Celsius to even 49 degrees plus!

Unlike Bactrian camels, domesticated, dromedary are found in desert areas in North Africa and the Middle East. Although, the feral kind of dromedary camels can be found in Australia, too.

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How can camels survive in the desert?

Well, they are very well prepared and empowered for extremely difficult conditions. They have a thin, nictitating membrane on each eye, which protects them from sandstorms while still letting them enough light to see what’s ahead of them. Also, they have double rows of extra-long eyelashes which keeps that annoying sand out of the eyes.

What do camels eat?

You can be surprised, but camels eat fish! Of course, this isn’t their primary dish, but since they have extremely flexible lips which can move independently, they eat grass, thorns and salty plants.

These large beasts make a variety of funny noises, such as moans, groans and deep bellows. Did you know that one of these noises were actually used to give voice the famous Chewbacca in Star Wars movies?

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