Anaconda is the member of the boa family. Although this enormous snake is related to the python, which can be slightly greater, anaconda is almost twice as heavy. This snakes name means “good swimmer”. As we all know that in animal kingdom usual the males are bigger, well, in this case, is not. Females can reach to astonishingly 5 metres length!


Massive size.

Since the anaconda is the world’s heaviest snake, their weigh can range up to 500 pounds. In the U.S., there is even a reward for those enthusiasts who catch this massive snake! Of course, it has to be 30 feet long. But, if someone catches her, he will receive a reward of 50,000 dollars! Would you try it?


Anaconda’s habitat.

These snakes are found in South America east of the Andes, in the countries Columbia, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, and as far as Northern Paraguay. Anacondas live in swamps, marshes, and slow-moving streams, mainly in the tropical rainforests of the Amazon and Orinoco basins. They are clumsy on land, but stealthy and sleek in the water. Their eyes and nasal openings are on top of their heads, allowing them to lie in wait for prey while remaining nearly completely submerged.

anaconda snake

Diet and hunting.

These giants eat almost anything they manage to overpower. This includes fish, birds, and variety of mammals and reptiles. Although, very large anacondas eat tapirs, deer, capybaras and caimans. Further on, many legends report that anacondas eat humans, but luckily there is no evidence for such activity. On the contrary, cannibalism is not rare among these predators.


This species is solitary until the mating, which occurs during the rainy season. It lasts for several months, usually from April to May. During this time, males must find females. Moreover, many males can often find the same female. Anacondas retain their eggs and give birth to two to three dozen live young. Baby snakes are about 2 feet long when they are born and are almost immediately able to swim and hunt. 

Stretchy ligaments allow anaconda to open her mouth wide enough to swallow the whole prey, which could be even a jaguar! Quite impressive, right?

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