American red squirrel is one of three species of tree squirrels. Also, it is the smallest one. Besides that, this cutie is widely known as the pine squirrel, North American red squirrel, and chickaree. Although small, our squirrel has a muscled body, strong back legs, and claws, which makes it an excellent climber!

American red squirrel

Where can we find the American red squirrel?

Widely distributed, this squirrel is found across the North American continent. By that, we mean the ranges which include the most of Canada, the southern part of Alaska, coastal British Columbia, the Rocky Mountains, and swampy forests near the Atlantic coast. When it comes to a perfect habitat, this cutie occurs in a variety of forests, including deciduous, coniferous, and mixed forests.

American red squirrel

How does the American red squirrel look?

Depending on the season where it lives, this squirrel varies in a lot of different colors. For example, brownish and reddish colors are usually in the upper parts. Moreover, the black stripe along the sides which appears during the summer separates the dark upper fur from the white fur. Large black eyes are something that makes this animal irresistible. Finally, our squirrel is armed with a compact and muscled body. The length goes from 11 to 14 inches, while weights from 7 to 10 oz.


The American red squirrel is an opportunistic animal, including a variety of food in its diet. Of course, we all know hazelnuts are the first choice since we are talking about a squirrel, right? But, there’s more. Acorns, seeds from other deciduous trees, shoots, berries, fruit, birds’ eggs, and mushrooms. Heck, our cutie eats mice and young rabbits as well!


These squirrels have a fixed breeding season, which lasts 105 days. They mate once or twice a year, from March to May, and between August and September. Just like the male thorny devils, male squirrels will compete and seduce females which are ready to mate. The mating will occur just in one day in each breeding season, with between 4 to 16 males. After a gestation period of 33 to 35 days, the mother gives birth to 1 to even 8 young! For 70 days the mother provides milk for their babies, after which they are ready to seek their own territory.

Did you know the American red squirrel is such a great swimmer, even able to swim across the whole river to get to the other side?

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