American bison, also known as American buffalo, is an American species of bison found in North America. Moreover, this giant wears the pride title of North America’s largest land mammal! But, despite its enormous size, did you know this beast can develop a speed of 40 mph?

American bison

Where can we find the American bison?

Ranging from Canada to northern Mexico, and from the Plains to Eastern forests, our huge friend lives in river valleys, and on prairies and plains. Some of the typical habitats also include open or semiopen grasslands, as well as sagebrush, semiarid lands, and scrublands. Yet not known as a high-altitude animal, the bisson occurring in the Yellowstone Park is often seen at elevations above 8000 feet.

American bison

How does the American bison look?

Depending on the season, our bison varies in color. Thus, during the winter the coat is shaggy, long, and dark-brown, while in summer is lighter weight with a light-brown coat. Naturally, male bison are significantly larger and heavier than females. Finally, our enormous friend can grow 9 to 12,5 feet in length, while the weight goes between 701 and an amazing 2600 pounds! Moreover, the heaviest bison ever recorded weighed an incredible 3,801 pounds (1,724 kg) pounds!


Just like the western gorilla, our bison will travel in order to find food. Migrations are normal to this animal since it moves on average about two miles a day. Moreover, our large grazer eats grasses and sedges. Just like its coat, the bison will change the diet depending on the season as well. Heck, our gigantic friend even consumes snow on a daily basis!

Reproduction and behavior.

When it comes to breeding, both males and females live in separate herds. Thus, they will only meet when breed. Female bison live in maternal herds which include other females and their offspring. Male offspring leave their maternal herd when around three years old, living alone or joining other males in bachelor herds. The breeding season will happen between July and September. The gestation period lasts for 285 days, after which the mother gives birth to a single calf.

Did you know the bison’s biggest enemies are wolves?

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