African golden cat is a wild cat native to, as the name suggests, Africa. At first, it was thought for this cat to be closely related to the Asian golden cat. But as time pass, research has determined it is more closely related to caracal and the serval.

African golden cat

Where does the African golden cat live?

This cat inhabits tropical forests from sea level to up to 9800 feet. It prefers dense, moist forest, but often found close to rivers, as well as cloud and bamboo forests. All in all, from Senegal to Kenya, and ranges as far north as the Central African Republic, all the way to Northern Angola you can see this cat.

African golden cat

Size and appearance.

African golden cat has a rounded head that is small compared to the rest of the body. It has brown eyes and short, rounded ears. The fur color varies from golden-brown and red-brown to grey. Some species are spotted, yet depends whether the spots are on their back, belly, or on their entire body. The length varies from 24 to 40 inches, while weight goes between 12 to 35 pounds.

What does an African golden cat eat?

This cat hunts on the ground, although it’s extremely great at climbing. The cat is nocturnal, yet hunts during the day if the prey is available. The diet of this predator includes rodents, birds, small monkeys, as well as small antelopes. This cat is also known as the “leopard’s brother” because it frequently follows leopards.


Females reach their sexual maturity at around 11 months, while males a little later, about 18 months. After a gestation period which lasts around 75 days, the mother gives birth to one to two kittens. The babies develop fast, in fact, more rapidly in comparison to other small cat species.

Did you know African golden cat loves to stalk its prey, rushing to grab it at the right moment? Very opportunistic!

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